Addy's Colors

Addy's Colors is non-profit organization dedicated to celebrating the lives of children who have, fought, or passed away from life-threatening illnesses. We provide support services and programs for children and their families to honor each child and family's strengths, personality, and fight against their illness. We provide support groups for parents who have lost a child, and we're creating new programs for families with the lifting restrictions of COVID-19. Continue to follow us as we grow!
Our organization is inspired by the life of Adalee Ashburn who loved to laugh and make others laugh, and she spread love and kindness to all with hugs and smiles. She enjoyed playing with and caring for animals and being outside in nature. Addy also loved her "colors", which is what she called any type of art medium - paint, crayons, books, pens... At the age of two, Addy was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called adrenal cancer. During her fight, Addy held close to her "colors", sleeping with them and never letting them go. She touched many lives and inspired many people in her short years on this Earth with her true love of living and daily celebration of life. In her honor, and in remembrance, we now live each day with a deeper love of others, nature, and our lives. While Addy lost her fight, we continue to live with her same spirit and spread it far and wide.