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July: A Month for Grieving Parents

With July comes a time for fireworks, cook-outs, celebrating the independence of our nation, and fond summer memories. For some parents, however, it is a time of remembering our children with a bittersweet pain. Remembering their child running through sprinklers, yet reminded that they will not run with their friends this year. Memories of watching fireworks together previously but deciding to stay in. Or maybe just remembering the plans you had made as a family for a child you didn't get to meet.

No matter how many years pass, when the pain of grief strikes, it hurts no less. There are no words to describe the pain that comes with the loss of a child. Guilt, loss of a sense of self, intense yearning for their child, feeling of being frozen in time and yet catapulted into a new life. It is all such a heavy load to bear alone. When we connect with others who have lost a child, it all becomes a little easier. Together, a community is built with a foundation of strength and resilience.

As we share more this month, Addy's Colors wants you to know that we acknowledge the pain and hurt you may feel this month, and we see the strength in your stories. We hope you find comfort this month and always.

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